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Palm Springs Life – Psst! Intelligencer

Palm Springs Life | July 2012 King of the World After his film The Rescuers won Best of the Fest honors at the 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival, Director/Producer/Writer Michael King of La Quinta has traveled the world. His documentary about 13 diplomats who saved the lives of… Read More »Palm Springs Life – Psst! Intelligencer

Global Warming

Originally Posted November 2011 Bounty Dear Friends: A couple of weeks ago my co-workers at HPE convinced me to go to what I believed would be the snooze fest of the year: A summit sponsored by the Palm Springs Sustainability Office headlined by a guy who has written books about… Read More »Global Warming


Pick Your Poison!

Originally published spring 2011 Pick Your Poison!  Or just let it be picked for you! We wanted to write this month about the pitfalls of the solar lease (we know, it sounds exciting), but with all the perils in the world at the moment, we just couldn’t) The earthquake and… Read More »Pick Your Poison!


The Power of the Sun

“It’s an almost unimaginable amount of energy. If the sun’s power output for a single second could be harnessed, it would satisfy the World’s energy demands for the next million years!” Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:   The Sun (2009), broadcast on the Science Channel The Power of the Sun: We at… Read More »The Power of the Sun