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Clean Independent Energy for America


Originally Posted: July 2010


Dear Friends,

I’ve always loved the 4th of July. A summer party with patriotism and fireworks, how can you go wrong?! Maybe it’s just me and the conversations I am having with people about Hot Purple Energy, but I am feeling more excited for America than I have for a while.

I feel a tremendous amount of pride and optimism for being part of the alternative energy movement going on in the USA today. As a nation we are getting it: Pushing for energy independence, while doing the right thing for the environment.

Not to get all philosophical, but the solar revolution really is changing things. The power companies are being forced to upgrade the power grid and adjust rates and distribution to make way for Individuals producing not only their own power but power to the grid!

This isn’t the Continental Congress declaring US independence from England, but it is a monumental shift in the power dynamic (pun intended). Nor is the right to produce your own electricity in the Constitution, but should be celebrated as if it was. This power to power ensures you and your property practical and financial independence while taking the burden off the planet and keeping cash in your pocket and OUR neighborhoods. It really is power to the people.

I applaud those who have already made the shift to Clean Energy. These clients who are truly responsible for the change that is taking place. By being leaders and putting their investment where the future is, and by doing what is right, these Americans are paving the way towards an America powered on Clean Independent Energy.

The State and Federal governments are listening and have incentives in place to encourage the solar investment. With or without these cost offsets, Solar is a wise investment for your future on all fronts. I am happy and honored to help make it happen.

Enjoy your Independence Day!

Nate Otto

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