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Welcome to Hot Purple Energy

Welcome To HPE

For many of us, the concept of producing our own electricity is as foreign as producing our own gasoline or growing our own food -an excellent idea in theory, but daunting in execution. But unlike fossil fuel, and even food, producing your own electricity from the sun is easy. There are no moving parts, or rows to hoe. All you need to do is enjoy the abundant Coachella Valley sunshine and let it run your home or business.

We are experts in not just solar installation but also in helping you understand your energy consumption and needs. If done properly, solar should save you a great deal of money for years to come while reducing your reliance on the electric grid and fossil fuels.

Investing In Solar Energy

As long as you plan on using electricity, the return on investing in solar is guaranteed. Solar Panels are warrantied for over 25 years to produce clean energy, and we install our system to maximize payback and last for the duration.

Purchase Solar: The most up-front investment but the greatest return by far. PrePay for a Solar Lease. For clients who can’t take advantage of the 30% US Federal Tax Credit, this is a great way to get into solar interest free with a lowered out of pocket. Lease Solar with a Monthly Payment. Fast becoming the most popular way to solar. The monthly lease has no money down and can save you money from month one! We will review your system sizing and purchase options and make getting into solar easy and economical.

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