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Solar Frequently Asked Questions
& Trouble Shooting

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you install on Mobile Homes

Yes, but the home must be on a permanent foundation.  The permitting process is much more expensive and takes more time than standard housing.  It’s best to call in with specific questions about your mobile home.

Do you install in cities outside the Coachella Valley?

Typically, not.

Please visit to find a Panasonic dealer close to you or email directly.

Are your Panels really purple?

No, that is just the stylization of our commercial, most panels are black with a slight blue hue.

Do you install solar on RVs?

We do, please call the office with specific questions.

Do you sell solar generators?

Yes, all are custom built. Please call the office with specific questions and to set an appointment to discuss.

Is there free solar?

Grid Alternatives is a program for those who would otherwise not have access to solar,

Trouble Shooting

Is my system producing?

 If there is a green light on your inverter, you are producing energy. If you see a red light on your inverter, your system is likely not producing, the inverter may be displaying an error code. Please take note of that code and call the office.
Monitoring is the best way to keep accurate tabs on your system’s performance.
The system does not produce energy during hours of darkness. If you see a red light after dark, check the inverter again in daylight to make sure it returns to green..
Your system will continue to produce during rainy/overcast weather, though it will be drastically reduced.

My bill and monitoring don’t match.

Your SCE bill only reflects the net generation of your system, meaning the difference between what you consume, and what you use. It is always shown in consumption. So, if you see negative numbers you are producing more energy than you are using. 

My inverter is hot.

Inverters will produce heat and get pretty hot, however you should be able to touch it without burning yourself. If your inverter is in direct sunlight you may want to consider building a shade structure around it to keep it cool.
If you see smoke or sparks, please trip the solar breaker, and call us immediately.

My inverter is making a buzzing noise.

Your inverter is equipped with an internal fan, this could be what you are hearing. If it’s a low buzz or slight roar, it is okay. If it’s very loud or more of a ringing sound, please call the office.

My inverter is chirping.

Inverters don’t have any warning sounds; the chirping is likely coming from a smoke or carbon monoxide detector.

I hear noise on my roof.

If your system is brand new there will be some settling noise for a week or so, especially if there are large swings in temperature. If it’s a scratching or rustling sound, you could have birds nesting under your panels. Bird guards are available.

Do you install / repair Solar Thermal?

No, we do not. Please Call John Hosman at 760-333-1889 for repair and installation and say HPE referred you.