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Owning a rooftop solar system represents a fundamental shift in the way you power your home. In short, you produce your own electricity every day rather than solely buying it from a Utility Company. As Electric Grid Energy Suppliers continue to raise utility rates, distributed rooftop solar systems are playing an increasingly vital role in maintaining affordability, and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. The underlying advantage of solar energy is that the per watt cost for the electricity it produces is less than what you currently pay per watt using grid power. Depending on your usage it could be 1/3 of the cost, netting real savings per month and per year.

We have completed numerous residential solar projects across the Coachella Valley. Browse our Residential Solar Projects to look at our work on different roof types.


Thank you for your interest in solar and Hot Purple Energy.
We have helped thousands of our Coachella Valley Friends and Neighbors lower their electric bills and we look forward to doing the same for you.



While we will want to visit your home to see first hand your roof condition, view lines, and electrical equipment, we can give you a ballpark idea of your costs and options over the phone or via email.