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We Energize Your Side of the Grid


Whether a homeowner or a business, the net of your energy use is spelled out in your monthly electric bill. We recognize that every client has unique solar and structural needs as well as unique lifestyle and financial requirements. That is why our professional team is here to offer the full spectrum of energy solutions maximizing comfort, budget, rate of return, and aesthetics while guaranteeing your long-term satisfaction with our company and products.


Solar monetizes the sun’s energy that is already hitting your roof. We make it last the longest and look the best, often by hiding it. The underlying advantage of solar energy is that the per watt cost for the electricity it produces is less than what you currently pay per watt using grid power. Depending on your usage it could be 1/3 of the cost, netting real savings per month and per year.


From designing and engineering front and center architectural appropriate solar shade structures to retrofitting solar into a business’s HVAC riddled rooftop, we bring our unique blend of design and construction expertise to every job we do. There is no over-the-counter solution for the high electric bills and no two facilities have the same energy prescription. Our Commercial Division offers full finance, energy management, architectural and engineered construction options for government, non-profits, and small to large businesses.


For years, our mobile and off grid solar systems have benefited from batteries but now with continuously changing rates from utility companies, batteries have become part of the energy solution for homeowners in the Coachella Valley. We offer several battery options including the LG Chem, the Tesla Powerwall and more.


We are cognizant of the fact that some solar companies are no longer in business. The good news is we have a dedicated service department ready to fix other companies’ solar and handle the manufacturer’s warranty claims offering our best in class service and peace of mind
– even if your system isn’t one of ours. In addition to repair, we have many other services including professional panel cleaning services to both clients and non-clients alike. We recommend you have your panels cleaned a couple of times per year to maximize production especially here in the desert where we don’t get rain often.


Whether a permanent off grid homestead or a temporary installation, we will balance roof or ground mount solar with ample storage to meet your off grid electric needs. We provide off-grid solar systems to Yucca Valley and the High Desert, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Indian Wells, and other Coachella Valley surrounding cities.


To help move the Coachella Valley’s events to renewables, we have provided everything from mobile solar cell phone charging stations to lighting and stage power for 100’s of community events: often including the band itself.


No matter the project scope, if you need advice on energy savings or solar, we have your answers. Home Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Architects, Builders, Developers, and Homeowners Associations have all benefited from our Consultation and Inspection Services. Contact us and we will review your electric usage, your solar potential, any energy-saving options.


Every Solar review will include energy saving recommendations. And while we outsource roofing, pool pumps or HVAC work if needed, we do offer a few energy saving products that we can install in conjunction with our solar installation. These include Attic Insulation, Wifi Thermostats, Weather Stripping, and Energy Consumption Monitoring.