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Get Serious About Renewable Energy


Originally Posted October 2010

Hi friends,

Sorry this month’s the letter is so late. I was originally planning on hitting you with the hard sell and direct you to our new web site, blog and Facebook and tell you why now is the time to get off the pot and get serious about renewable energy and HPE. (Which it is)

But the month was a busy one. And who knew social media would require so much great socializing? The precious time to spend perfecting my hard sell was spent out and about attending some great sustainability and solar events and blogging, facing, and tweeting about them. Ha. So in a way you are lucky for missing that hard selling Nate. But in another way, not at all, because I just witnessed the scariest movie ever and sharing this nightmare has taken precedence.

With Halloween at hand perhaps being frightened is more appropriate that doing good for the environment, and this movie will frighten you. It will send shivers down your spine, make you uncomfortable in your seat, and for any of you with school age children, niece’s, nephew’s, grand children or loved ones this movie will make you go home and hold them tight. (you won’t want to take them to see it ) If you like thrillers, if you want to cry, if you want to know why we have such evil and despair in our cities then you can’t pass this up.

The worst part is that the story is true, the character’s real. Waiting for “Superman” is a documentary by Davis Guggenheim about of our countries failed public education system. While some may dispute the messenger, the despair and lack of education option for so many is real. This has happened in our lifetimes. On our watch. A true disgrace and disaster.

Maybe you have a “good” school for your children. I hope you do, you are involved, and the teachers are solid from start to finish. But applying NIMBY to our national education will haunt us forever just like allowing polluting energy sources to continue. When are we going to come to grips with the fact that if we don’t properly educate our children, we have no future?

My niece and cousin have dedicated themselves to helping our children. I’m sure a lot of you know someone as well. I can’t encourage you enough to watch Waiting for “Superman” and to get involved to change this disaster in progress. That’s my hard sell. 

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