Crimson Crow Show at Red Barn

By | 2019-06-27T11:25:51-07:00 July 6th, 2019|

  We are so excited to share that one of our employees' band is playing at the Red Barn on July 6th! Crimson Crow is a modern rock and dance band based in Palm Desert, California. They are featured at wineries, casinos, and community events. Their performances feature songs by artists popular from the 60's [...]

Desert R.A.T.S. Field Day at Hot Purple Energy

By | 2019-08-01T15:45:37-07:00 June 28th, 2019|News|

The Public Record on Desert R.A.T.S Field Day Hot Purple Energy had the honor of having the Desert R.A.T.S host their annual Field Day at Studio E this past weekend! Hot Purple provided Solar Power for the RATS' radio field day exercise which is a challenge for Hams to go out of their comfort zone [...]

Palm Springs Animal Shelter Canned Food Drive

By | 2019-07-25T14:16:59-07:00 June 20th, 2019|

Hot Purple Energy is excited to be partnering up with Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter as a drop off location for their Canned Pet Food Drive! Help us stock up on canned food for the summer as it helps keep pets in need hydrated during these hot summer months! ☀️🌴🐶 🐱 Other Drop Off Locations include: [...]

Props and Hops 2018

By | 2018-10-12T07:47:04-07:00 November 17th, 2018|

OVER 25 CRAFT BREWERIES. AIRCRAFT RIDES. FOOD TRUCKS. LIVE MUSIC. Celebrating Southern California’s ever-growing craft beer scene, Hot Purple Energy is pleased to be the title sponsor for the 7th annual Props and Hops Craft Beer Festival at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Join us for another great  year featuring dozens of West Coast breweries, food vendors, [...]

Save Oswit Canyon! WE ARE 90% THERE!

By | 2019-10-14T12:40:49-07:00 September 28th, 2018|News|

GET INVOLVED & HELP SAVE OSWIT CANYON Oswit Canyon is the home and source of water for thousands of species, including birds, the endangered bighorn sheep, and many desert plants. This piece of land will become another home development destroying the natural landscape and habitats of all the animals that live here unless we can [...]

PS Festival of Lights Parade 2016

By | 2017-01-20T09:25:42-07:00 December 3rd, 2016|

                    Hot Purple Energy is looking forward to being a participant yet again in the annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade! We are just as excited for the holidays as you are and will be bringing our famous "solar beast"-completely lit up- to the parade. [...]

Happy Earth Day 2016

By | 2019-08-01T16:26:10-07:00 April 22nd, 2016|Life Beyond Solar|

Wishing you a sustainable and beautiful Earth Day... Six years ago today we launched our Hot Purple Energy onto the Coachella Valley with our first event and first flyer. The message was DO SOMETHING FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY. This message is as relevant today as it was then. In fact, it seems the message [...]

Hot Purple Energy Event Recap 2011/2012

By | 2012-07-06T13:18:57-07:00 July 5th, 2012|Events|

As we head into full summer mode here at HPE, and believe us, with over 180 degree heat on the roofs around here, we have a real summer mode, its important for us to look back on the past 2011-2012 season and highlight some of the great events we were lucky enough to be a [...]