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Turn Our Manpower into Your Power


Hot Purple Energy’s mission is to continuously raise the bar in alternative energy integration across the Coachella Valley and the High Desert through the utilization of best in class system design, materials, and installation techniques.

Dedicated to our community first, how we do business is more important than how much business we do.  Through innovative and educational outreach, Hot Purple Energy aims to inspire our friends and neighbors to make smarter choices in energy consumption, production, and storage, as well as live more sustainable and healthy lives.


Hot Purple Energy was founded in 2009 to fill the much needed void in the Coachella Valley of solar contractors with true General Contracting experience.  At that point, and to some degree even today, solar was being offered by companies that were based in sales and marketing rather than hands on construction trade knowledge.  As solar is often added to an existing home or business, having the intimate knowledge of how the home or business is constructed allows Hot Purple Energy to properly and aesthetically integrate the solar into the structure rather than merely bolt it on.

Time and time again, we have been able to put solar where others cannot; to hide solar where others cannot, and to make true energy saving recommendations minimizing the need or scope of solar, that others would rather not.

Beyond the nuts and bolts, beyond the concern for design and maximum solar production, we are a committed community partner.   This is a small community that we are part of and dedicated to.  We have earned the trust of our clients and our communities by being truth mongers about solar and all things energy related, but also by rolling up our sleeves to help those in need and to make the Coachella Valley better for all.

We have enjoyed the hundreds of solar systems we’ve installed per year saving our clients money and lessening their reliance on fossil fuels, as well as the hundreds of annual not for profits and community events we solar power, sponsor and participate in.  We consider ourselves lucky to be able to do both.

Our mission has never been about selling the most solar panels, but rather advocating for smarter energy choices, which hopefully leads to smarter choices across the board.  We are proud of our 10 years of advancing health, wealth, and happiness and look forward to the doing much more in the years to come.


Designing and sizing a 25 plus year power plant for your home or business should be a decision that is thought through and analyzed thoroughly. We move as fast as anyone in terms of design and installation but are not prone to sizing or pricing off a google image or from the hip.

We talk people out of solar every day. We also talk people into smaller systems than they think they need. It’s not to put us out of business, but rather do the right thing for our friends and neighbors. In short, we are looking out for your best interests: aesthetic, financial or both.

We love the product of solar, but we love it more when it’s combined with the energy savings, energy management, and or battery backup.

No matter where you are in your solar investigation we are ready to help. The best thing is to start a conversation and review of your energy use and the solar exposure of your home or business. From there we can design the best possible energy solutions available.

Hot Purple Energy Staff


Hot Purple Energy Crew


While the cost of power produced from rooftop solar is already less expensive than grid power, solar is really an investment in your energy future. Even though the future is unknown we do expect (A) to use electricity and (B) for traditional Utility electric grid demand to go up and therefore continue to increase in cost. Therefore, year after year, the savings from solar will increase. The solar systems we have installed over the past years have exceeded the rate of return we projected, and we expect this trend to continue.

Conceptually any investment is solar should pay off in the long run. But while it’s easy and convenient to simply focus on the savings figures, we don’t. It’s like buying a car based on gas mileage alone without knowing the type, color, size or if it even fits your lifestyle. We want the perfect fit even if it means not installing solar at all.

Please use this site and our blog to be a resource for solar down to the nth degree: from the pitfalls of solar panels with poor heat tolerances, to what to do if you don’t have the tax liability to benefit from the 26% Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit.

In the end it’s our job to look out for you in all areas. We will help guide you, and protect you, through the solar installation process. We are so confident in what we say, we provide written protections to assure your long-term satisfaction and energy happiness.


We guarantee your system is free of installation defects for 20 years. This is us standing behind you and all the work we do to ensure your system withstands 20+ years of our harsh desert climate.


We guarantee 95% of the estimated system production for the first year. In the unlikely event your system fails to produce 95% of the estimated production, at the end of the year HPE will pay you for the lost savings.


We want your system to be producing at its best! To avoid under-production, we manually monitor every system’s production weekly. We maintain a production report, and will troubleshoot any underperformance, like a hedge that has grown too high, long before it becomes a problem. This requires an ethernet port to your router or modem and internet connection.


Every product we use has gone through rigorous background checks. We care about the products, their reputation, and how they hold up in the heat as well as the company behind the products. We will review the manufacturer’s warranties with you but generally panels are 25 years, inverters are 10 and batteries are 10.


While we self-perform most of the trades on our installations, we use professional, licensed, and bonded roofers for our roofing work. We often use the client’s roofer of record, but each will carry a 5 – 10 or 20 year warranty depending on roof type and age. Covering not just the stand area, but the entire area under the solar system and 1 foot around the perimeter.


We recommend that you have your solar panels professionally cleaned 2 to 3 times per year. Hot Purple Energy will perform the first cleaning and then make a recommendation on the needed frequency of cleanings needed going forward. Market pricing ranges from $2-4 dollars per panel per cleaning depending on the roof type and complexity of the system’s location.


We are not an 800-number kind of company. We are local and here for you to address any issue or concerns you might have.


We take your enjoyment of your solar system very seriously. We have fun as a company but are very conservative in our approach to solar and scrutinize every aspect of the system and installation, so you can have worry free solar for decades.