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Hot Purple Energy (HPE) is a full service energy company providing long-term energy solutions and education to the Coachella Valley.

At HPE, we combine decades of general contractor expertise with a commitment to customer satisfaction that is second to none in order to provide our clients with a level of workmanship, integrity and service.


A HPE solar system is not merely the sum of its components – the HPE difference is how the system and its components are installed. Our integration crew includes licensed general contractors and electricians, journeyman electricians, carpenters, roofers and drywallers.

HPE only uses the best components available and specifically designs its solar systems to withstand the desert’s extreme temperatures and to save our customers tens of thousands of dollars’ in the long term.

More Than Solar Solutions – Comprehensive Energy Solutions

While solar is certainly part of a comprehensive energy solution for many customers, it is not the only solution and it is not always the most appropriate solution. For example, say you were using an outdated and wasteful HVAC system, we would rather see you replace your HVAC than install solar panels that would be working to offset your inefficient HVAC.

At HPE we want to put you in control of your energy future, which requires more than one-dimensional solutions, it requires multi-dimensional energy solutions that take into account both the consumption and the production sides of the equation.

When it comes to energy solutions, one size does not fit all. HPE is a design-oriented company that will tailor its systems to provide the greatest return without offending your property’s pre-existing aesthetic. Whether you would benefit from rooftop or carport mounted arrays, or whether you want to purchase or finance a system, HPE provides solutions that comprehensively address your energy, financial, and aesthetic needs. HPE’s mark can be seen (or, as the case may be, not seen) throughout the Coachella Valley on buildings including that of the College of the Desert, Las Casuelas Terraza, The Cole Hotel, multiple midcentury estates as well as in new developments like the Morrison, Escena and Monte Sereno to name a few.

Beyond Solar

Our commitment is primarily to our clients and providing the best energy solution but also to our community as a whole. Energy is one of the many ways that binds us all together and we are proud to be a trusted Coachella Valley energy and community resource that has participated in hundreds of non-profit events since we opened our doors. We have worked to raise awareness and funds for Skin Cancer Awareness projects, as well as community foundations including The Desert Cancer Foundation, Desert Arc, The American Heart Association, The AIDS Assistance Program, The Living Desert, and The Palm Springs Animal Shelter to name a few….

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.
We look forward to helping you no matter where you are in your energy process.

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