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Solar on the Gold Line in Monrovia

Gold Line Operations Campus unveiledHot Purple Energy was in the news recently for the Monrovia Gold Line Project. Hot Purple Energy helped in achieving the Gold Level LEED-certified project of this type, featuring state-of-the-art environmental-friendly elements and among them, a whopping 714 frame-less solar panels configured on canopies that could power dozens of homes.

Balian and Parsons Chief Architect for Rail & Transit Systems Roland Genick, as well as experts from Hot Purple Energy and CONTECH Engineered Solutions described and demonstrated some of the elements that led to that certification:

  • A comprehensive storm water collection and filtration system designed to capture and treat the first 112,000 gallons of rainfall
  • An on-site 178.5-kilowatt solar panel array that will generate an average of 22,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each month
  • Drought tolerant landscaping and smart technology irrigation that will reduce water consumption in the landscaped areas by 50%
  • A car wash facility that will utilize only recycled, reclaimed water for its 60,000 gallons of daily usage
  • Locally sourced and recycled materials
  • Energy and water saving features throughout the 132,000 square foot Main Shop Building

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