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Solar Lead And Drywall Master

Nicholas AKA Nicho has been at Hot Purple for 9 years and in solar, about 12 years but Nicho’s experience goes beyond solar. He holds 6+ years of construction experience and specializes in doing drywall. As a company with a construction background that does not adhere to leaving exposed conduit, Nicho found his perfect match at Hot Purple to put all of his skills to use. Nicho’s charming sense of humor and his critical skills have made him an asset to the Hot Purple team.

Solar Articles

  • Meatball Festival

    Meatball Festival

    The Hot Purple Energy All-Stars, aka Alien DNA, rocked the house at the 11th Annual Sammy’s International Meatball Festival! Congratulations to all of the winner! There were so many delicious recipes,… Read More »Meatball Festival

  • Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational

    Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational

    Highlights from the Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational! We would like to personally thank the following: To the players and attendees, thank you for spending a beautiful Saturday evening with us… Read More »Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational

  • Celebrating Another Year of Energy Independence

    Celebrating Another Year of Energy Independence

    As we approach another Independence Day, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the Independent Energy movement happening on a local and national scale. When Hot Purple Energy opened… Read More »Celebrating Another Year of Energy Independence