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Service Technician

Nick is another long-term employee who HPE is lucky to call family. He is a licensed electrician and former GC bringing a wealth of construction knowledge to the team. Currently his role is lead solar technician, but he also serves HPE with his zeal for a high level of quality and takes part in training the younger generation. His tenacity to bring the job home and his strong work ethic makes him a mentor to everyone that gets to work with him. He is also one of the many resources our engineering team leans on as the technology changes.

Solar Articles

  • Meatball Festival

    Meatball Festival

    The Hot Purple Energy All-Stars, aka Alien DNA, rocked the house at the 11th Annual Sammy’s International Meatball Festival! Congratulations to all of the winner! There were so many delicious recipes,… Read More »Meatball Festival

  • Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational

    Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational

    Highlights from the Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational! We would like to personally thank the following: To the players and attendees, thank you for spending a beautiful Saturday evening with us… Read More »Carolyn Lumber Desert Invitational

  • Celebrating Another Year of Energy Independence

    Celebrating Another Year of Energy Independence

    As we approach another Independence Day, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the Independent Energy movement happening on a local and national scale. When Hot Purple Energy opened… Read More »Celebrating Another Year of Energy Independence