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What Should I Expect at my Solar Appointment?

“I have finally set my appointment. Now, what do I do?”

    • If your Account Rep has not confirmed your appointment with you, we recommend you call them to do so either the week of or the day before.
    • The Account Representative will tell you to have an electric bill on hand to gauge your usage and then discuss the bills in form of kilowatt /hrs. a year.
  • Expect to be asked a series of questions related to your home such as:

– What is the age of your roof? Have you made any improvements or repairs on it?

– Will you be having any lifestyle changes in the near-future such as kids moving away or getting an electric car?

– What is your motivation for getting solar?

The Account Rep will not expect you to have all the answers but the ones you do have will help and they’ll know how to figure out the rest.

    • Why do the Account Reps ask questions like these? How does that help? For most, solar is a long-term financial investment so considering future needs to properly sizing a system is a must and can save thousands.
    • The Account Rep will ask you what energy efficiencies you are currently implementing in your home and recommend any that may help you.
  • The Account Rep may take measurements and pictures of your roof. Depending on your installer this will vary, some will wait for an engineer to come out at another time if they’re not trained to do so themselves.