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6 Reasons to Powerwall This Fall

Powerwall Enables Homeowners to Access Lower Utility Rates | Balance Time-of-Use

 -Take both a $2,900 Rebate and a 30% Tax Credit in 2019-

Battery storage takes excess energy produced from your solar system and stores it for future use when demand cost is high —or during blackouts and natural disasters.

Against a background of continuously improving solar power technology, companies such as Hot Purple Energy are innovating solutions that meld Utility Rate Structures, State Incentives, waning Federal Tax Incentives and new battery products like Powerwall for their customers.

For years, HPE has been at the forefront of battery storage innovations offering expert integration.  Right now, there are huge financial incentives for battery storage.

New utility rates including Time-of-Use-D-Prime (TOU-D Prime) make battery storage even more economically compelling.

For instance, incentives provide lower-cost electricity prices with this product and provide an ability to shift to your own generated power to the late afternoon —when rates are at peak cost.

Added large rebates and a 30% Federal tax credit through 2019 round out the reasons to talk about battery storage with an HPE Energy Advisor.

Solar & Energy Solutions specialist Hot Purple Energy is advancing 6 reasons to integrate Powerwall before years end:

  1. $2,900 SGIP Rebate per Powerwall
  2. Maximum Federal Tax Credit of 30% before 2020
  3. Lower Rates: T-O-U-D Prime
  4. Battery Store Your Own Power for Higher Cost Time Periods
  5. Further Protection from Utility Changes
  6. Powerwall Cutting Edge Features | App


SGIP Rebate + Federal Tax Credit

The State of California is incentivizing energy consumers to add a battery to their home and solar by implementing a Self-Generation Incentive Program rebate. This hefty rebate can reduce the upfront cost of the battery by nearly 20%. However, the rebate is anticipated to dissolve by years end.

In addition, the 30% federal investment tax credit on the battery + solar cost can only be taken if the system is installed within 2019.

Lower T-O-U Grid Rates

More importantly, consider ever-changing utility rates, to store power earlier in the day to use during higher-cost time periods. As planned, the current rate structures will require you to pay a higher rate for power during “on-peak” times (see SCE Utility Rate Changes).

A battery can also prepare you for future utility changes because your battery will be ready to go no matter what time of day becomes the most expensive in new rate structures.

Powerwall At Its Best

While there are numerous battery options, Powerwall, the lithium-ion battery owned by the well-known brand—Tesla has become one of the most prominent battery storage systems on the market because of its sleek look and distinct features.

Powerwall which has a 14-kWh capacity gives homeowners peace of mind because it is compact, touch-safe, weatherproof, quiet and able to be monitored directly from your mobile device.

As mentioned above, in case of an outage Powerwall will disconnect from the grid, and automatically restore power to your home in a fraction of a second. Plus, if your Powerwall is installed in a second- or vacation- home, you can check on your investment using the Powerwall App.

In addition to all of Powerwall’s great features, there are temporary economic benefits such as a manufacturer and state rebates along with a 30% Federal tax credits.

That’s why Hot Purple Energy is advising both new solar customers and those retrofitting older solar installations to take advantage of Powerwall battery storage before the end of the year.

HPE + Battery Storage are always ready to perform.

At this point, going solar without a battery is only getting half the solution you need and with the current time-sensitive incentives and long-term battery benefits. Hot Purple Energy encourages your family to get Powerwall before Christmas!

A free consultation with an energy and storage specialist can be had achieved at 760-776-3737.