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Hot Purple Energy Donates Palm Springs Solar Stage

Hot Purple Energy

– with a focus on the “E”— presented a sustainability award today to the City of Palm Springs for their commitment to a cleaner energy future, and is complementing this award by providing a one kilowatt solar system – valued at $5,000 – to the City for use in powering their portable stage utilized in valley events.

HPE is an avid and involved player in the Valley for not only educating residents and businesses about energy awareness, but for also giving back where it is warranted.  While committed to preserving the environment and enabling people to take control of their energy future and costs, the company is …….
“We are proud to be headquartered in Palm Springs considering the City’s heightened commitment to sustainability,” said HPE President Nate Otto.  “The City’s outstanding citizenship to better the environment with their forward thinking energy efficiency efforts as a whole fits perfectly with our philosophy as an energy company committed to making a long-term impact on our planet for a better future.”
As a comprehensive energy solutions company, HPE has fast become known for raising energy use awareness in new, exciting, and different ways.  HPE has created a niche in the market with an eclectic company persona that conveys a sense of energetic excitement and edginess to raise awareness of energy sustainability.  Consistently powering local community events for the past several years with off grid power solutions and live entertainment, HPE is a regular at the most popular area events, with the goal of creating enthusiasm and interest in energy solutions that will sustain our environment.
The City’s Green Team was formed in October 2009 to pursue innovative and creative solutions by working within five strategic areas that focus on  the City’s economic, social and environmental challenges: water, green economy, energy, waste, urban sustainability and mobility. Palm Springs sustainable initiatives and information can be found at
HPE is available for complimentary consultations for an energy efficiency overview, providing recommendations and solutions for short- and long-term energy use. The company is revered for designing tailored solutions to meet the needs cost effectively for homes and businesses.  For more information about HPE, please visit or call (760) 322-4433.

About Hot Purple Energy
HPE is a full-service energy company with a passion for providing solar systems and comprehensive energy solutions so that individuals and businesses can take control of their energy futures. Established in 2009, HPE is revered for its superior designs, quality components, fine installation techniques, and commitment to providing outstanding customer service.  HPE’s portfolio of clients includes College of the Desert, Las Casuelas Terraza, the Gerald Ford and Abernathy Estates, the Morrison, Alta Verde Group’s Escena and Monte Sereno home communities, as well as hundreds of private consumers.