hot-purple-energy-home-backup-generatorsHot Purple Energy is excited to share that we are now carrying Generac home backup generators for Off-Grid projects. Headquartered in Wisconsin, Generac has been manufacturing backup power generators for over 50 years and has become the world’s largest provider of residential backup generators. At Hot Purple, we pride ourselves on carrying several products to offer custom solutions. As a result, we are always looking for additional solutions and products that stand out in our industry to add to our selection for the sole benefit of clients’ unique situations. The Generac home backup generators in this case will primarily benefit our off-grid clients more so than those connected to the grid.

Batteries vs Home Backup Generators

With continuously changing billing structures by Southern California Edison (SCE), Hot Purple Energy has become the leading battery installer in the last year in the Coachella Valley. By tying an energy storage system (battery) to a solar system, one can power certain portions of their home regardless of the availability of grid power. We have recommended batteries to all new solar clients in the last year due to SCE changes. Batteries will not only store power to use during more expensive times of the day but also act as a back-up power source in case of a power outage.


A generator, like a battery, acts as a source of back-up power in case of an outage or as a source of power if there is no access to the grid in general, but it is NOT an alternative to a battery for solar customers. It is a supplemental option that will act as the final back-up source should your battery use up all the stored energy. For example, if your battery were to use up all its stored power during the night when your stored power is primarily being used, you would still have power because you are tied to the grid. If however, a power outage were to happen at night when your home is running on your battery, and your battery was to use up all of its energy (likely if you are throwing a dinner party with guests; unlikely if you are sleeping) before the grid turned the power back on, you would be out of power. This is where a back-up home generator would come in handy. Nonetheless, the likelihood of this happening in a home tied to the grid is very low and highly unlikely because a) power outages do not typically last that long, b) your battery will last awhile before running out of power and c) when the sun rises in the morning, your home would go back to running on solar whereby your battery will work on recharging itself if it’s low. Off-grid systems on the other hand who are not connected to the grid could benefit from the home back-up generator because they do not have the grid as a back-up at all.

How does a home-backup generator work?

The home back-up generator like a battery will sense when there is a problem with your power and will automatically turn itself on whether or not you are home. For example, in an off-grid system, your Generac generator will sense when your Tesla Powerwall (battery) is running low and will automatically turn itself on until your home can run on solar again or your battery has collected enough power to switch back over (which again is dependent on your solar production).

Is there a tax credit?

No, there is no tax credit on generators.


To learn more about Generac Home Back-up Generators and determine whether they are a good fit for you, call Hot Purple Energy today. 760.322.4433.