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Kilowatt Wednesday NBC Palm Springs

Hot Purple Energy has been selected by NBC to do a series of mini-shows on Solar and more. The series titled Kilowatt Wednesday will air on NBC Palm Springs every Wednesday at approximately 6:15 am for an estimated six weeks. Kilowatt Wednesday is intended to provide knowledge on key components of Solar, Energy Efficiencies, Battery Storage and more. The series will feature Hot Purple Energy’s Owner and President, Nate Otto in every episode where he will offer firsthand knowledge from both the solar and construction industry. Prior to getting into the solar industry, Nate Otto spent over a decade building homes in both Los Angeles and Palm Springs allowing him to not only learn about proper installation and integration but to appreciate aesthetic, which is especially significant in Palm Springs. Though deemed a “paradise” by many, those who have lived here most of their lives truly understand the gem that Palm Springs is. Along with dozens of historic landmarks, Palm Springs is recognized for its unique mid-century homes and has become a hub for both architects and interior designers alike. Tune in to NBC to learn more about Solar! Watch a sneak peek below.