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Freedom Has Its Cost


Freedom Has Its Cost – Exemplified.

While we are proud of our “authorized” residential and commercial affiliations with SunPower, makers of the world’s most efficient solar panel, we do have to clarify this rather misleading star rating on their website.

SunPower is the only solar panel company on the market that has a network of qualified distributors via a closed authorized dealer network. Inside of that, they have levels of authorized dealers, and this is where the hierarchy is born. In order to be a “Premier” or “Elite” dealer in SunPower’s world, a dealer would needs to sell or install an increasing percentage of SunPower products across its sales mix. And while it is the most efficient panel, in certain cases it is not the most appropriate for a client’s needs. This obviously puts us in a spot. Keep our panel choice freedom and receive a lower rating from the good people at SunPower, or sell only SunPower and move up their ratings scale… Freedom has its cost.
We certainly pride ourselves on the superior quality of our installations, and SunPower will not dispute this fact, but we also pride ourselves on being an open platform company, installing what is best for our client, regardless of our affiliation with a particular manufacturer.
While there are benefits to moving up the SunPower ladder that we forgo by retaining our panel choice or independence if you will, we feel it’s the best way for us to truly remain competitive and look after all of our clients best interests.