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This month we would like to commend HPE’s VP of Engineering, Chris Ritter. His journey in construction spans over 25 years, with nearly 13 of those years dedicated to making magic happen at HPE. Prior to his career at HPE, Chris worked alongside our CEO, Nate Otto, for 15 years building houses as a superintendent. Now what sets Chris apart? It’s practically in his DNA, as his father is a prominent local architect, and like Nate he grew up on construction sites.

Among his many accomplishments, Chris’s portfolio boasts an impressive array of notable projects. From the cutting-edge Tesla Solar Roofs, substantial installations at Joslyn Center and Living out, and the ground-mount project at Whitewater Preserve, Chris has clearly demonstrated his ability to tackle larger and more intricate projects with finesse and precision.

As we reflect on Chris’s remarkable journey and countless contributions to HPE, we are filled with gratitude and admiration. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Chris for his dedication, leadership, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. Here’s to you, Chris – thank you for everything you do.