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Congratulations Hot Purple Energy – Panasonic’s 2023 Residential Installer of the Year!

Hello Nate,

Congratulations! You are receiving this letter because your company is being awarded the 2023 Residential Installer of the Year Award.

This award is given only to top Panasonic solar installers who have met or exceeded the highest performance, quality, and service standards.

Our mission is to provide the best solar and storage solutions to homeowners and businesses across America. We know we can achieve this goal only through the dedicated service and expertise of valued partners like you.

Please accept this letter as official recognition of your award status. Attached please find a digital plaque to use on your website and on other digital marketing materials as you see fit. A physical plaque of recognition will be mailed to your business address shortly.

Here’s a link to the press release announcing your award:

Again, thank you for your exceptional efforts to make our mutual success possible. Congratulations for making our solar solutions great for our customers, and on a job well done.

Warm Regards,

Mukesh Sethi

Group Manager

Solar & Storage Solutions