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POWER magazine recently published an article discussing the rise of renewableenergy, specifically with significant investments and legislative support. There aresome companies, such as Hot Purple Energy, that are doing good for ourenvironment. But from our perspective, articles like this are less fact and morefiction. Are our legislatures really teeing up… Read More »WILL CARBON-FREE RESOURCES THRIVE IN 2024?


Solar Panel Cleaning

In our system checks, we’ve noticed that the recent tropical storm did quite a thorough job of cleaning up most of our systems. Thanks to this unexpected natural cleanse, we’ve temporarily paused our panel cleaning services. But don’t worry, folks! HPE’s panel cleaning services will be back up and running… Read More »Solar Panel Cleaning

Net Energy Metering Hot Purple Energy

NEM 3.0

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is making moves to potentially change the Net Energy Metering program yet again. In August of 2020, the CPUC formally commenced their proceeding to revisit the current NEM-2.0 program rules to essentially update them and develop NEM 3.0, the successor to NEM 2.0. The… Read More »NEM 3.0

What You Should Know About the New CCA | Desert Community Energy

If you live in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, and Palm Desert, you’ve probably heard about the new Community Choice Aggregator (CCA), Desert Community Energy (DCA). We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries in regard to the new CCA from existing clients as well as new potential clients and we would… Read More »What You Should Know About the New CCA | Desert Community Energy