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This month we would like to commend HPE’s VP of Engineering, Chris Ritter. His journey in construction spans over 25 years, with nearly 13 of those years dedicated to making magic happen at HPE. Prior to his career at HPE, Chris worked alongside our CEO, Nate Otto, for 15 years… Read More »EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

Biggest Electrification Roadblock is Your Utility

Our society is moving rapidly towards electrification. Building electrification is good for the climate, good for our health, and good for our economy. We’ll all be using more electricity — it’s inevitable. Luckily, using all this extra electricity for our heating and our cars is inexpensive when you get it… Read More »Biggest Electrification Roadblock is Your Utility


What is Solar Power? Solar Power is way of collecting, monetizing, and using the Energy from the sun. How do solar panels work? Thin wafers of semi-conductor material, usually silicon, are laid out in a grid that are then sandwiched inside the protective glass and frame of each Photovoltaic aka Solar… Read More »SOLAR FAQ