How Did Hot Purple Get Its Name?

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HPE aka Hot Purple Energy When we set out on our journey to help our friends and neighbors live more sustainable lives through implementing solar and energy solutions, we did not imagine the confusion that our name—Hot Purple Energy, would cause. Now in our 10th year of being in business, we look back and are [...]

Happy Earth Day 2016

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Wishing you a sustainable and beautiful Earth Day... Six years ago today we launched our Hot Purple Energy onto the Coachella Valley with our first event and first flyer. The message was DO SOMETHING FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY. This message is as relevant today as it was then. In fact, it seems the message [...]

V. Manuel Perez Pushes for Renewable Energy Bill

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PALM DESERT — Assemblyman V. Manuel Pérez is looking for support from Coachella Valley officials and business leaders for an ambitious bill to push California utilities to procure more than half of their power from renewable resources, including geothermal energy from the Salton Sea. [button href="" size="xlarge" title="Read More at Desert Sun Online" textcolor="#ffffff"][/button]

Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer

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Dear Friends, As you know by now at Hot Purple Energy we not only promote the benefits of clean energy but also the benefits of conservation.  When we find something wasting energy in a client’s home we recommended treating the problem not just prescribing a larger solar cure.   This is an energy consumption solution, but [...]

Think Before You Lease Solar

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  SOLAR LEASE UPDATE As many of you have written us to tell us how much you appreciate our candor when it comes to solar leases in our Caution, Think Before you Lease Solar article we thought we should start by saying thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts.  But despite our warnings, [...]

Global Warming

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Originally Posted November 2011 Bounty Dear Friends: A couple of weeks ago my co-workers at HPE convinced me to go to what I believed would be the snooze fest of the year: A summit sponsored by the Palm Springs Sustainability Office headlined by a guy who has written books about global warming for the last [...]

Pick Your Poison!

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Originally published spring 2011 Pick Your Poison!  Or just let it be picked for you! We wanted to write this month about the pitfalls of the solar lease (we know, it sounds exciting), but with all the perils in the world at the moment, we just couldn’t) The earthquake and tsunami destruction in Japan is [...]

Is Residential Solar Sustainable

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Requested by and then not published by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) in Nov 2010 Is Residential Solar Sustainable   by Nate Otto As a construction professional for more than two decades I’ve witnessed my share of poor construction and business practices.  Maybe I was being naive, but one of my hopes when moving my [...]

Get Serious About Renewable Energy

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Originally Posted October 2010 Hi friends, Sorry this month’s the letter is so late. I was originally planning on hitting you with the hard sell and direct you to our new web site, blog and Facebook and tell you why now is the time to get off the pot and get serious about renewable energy [...]

The Power of the Sun

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“It’s an almost unimaginable amount of energy. If the sun’s power output for a single second could be harnessed, it would satisfy the World’s energy demands for the next million years!” Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:   The Sun (2009), broadcast on the Science Channel The Power of the Sun: We at Hot Purple Energy love to [...]

Clean Independent Energy for America

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Originally Posted: July 2010 Dear Friends, I’ve always loved the 4th of July. A summer party with patriotism and fireworks, how can you go wrong?! Maybe it’s just me and the conversations I am having with people about Hot Purple Energy, but I am feeling more excited for America than I have for a while. [...]

We Use Veg E Oil

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Original: 2010 Posts : We Use Veg E Oil Dear Palm Springs Residents and Visitors:  If you are looking for great local restaurants that are doing something for the environment, please consider: Las Casuelas ( El Mirasol ( El Taco Asado, Tlaquepaque ( Noura Café ( café) We love their food, but also the fact that [...]

Welcome to Hot Purple Energy

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Welcome To HPE For many of us, the concept of producing our own electricity is as foreign as producing our own gasoline or growing our own food -an excellent idea in theory, but daunting in execution. But unlike fossil fuel, and even food, producing your own electricity from the sun is easy. There are no [...]