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Radical Desert Broadband Wifi Services

Please join us in welcoming Radical Desert Network, LLC DBA RADICAL toStudio E: Connecting Communities and Bridging the Digital DivideWe are thrilled to announce the arrival of RADICAL to Studio E, a local, private, InternetService Provider committed to revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate inthe hi and low desert.… Read More »Radical Desert Broadband Wifi Services

Net Energy Metering Hot Purple Energy

Net Metering Agreement 2.0

We must be doing something right. Someone wants to stop it.

The rooftop solar systems we have been subtly installing across the Coachella Valley are empowering our clients to produce their own clean power.  The excess power being generated is supplied back to the grid and credited to each account and then sold by the utility co. downstream to unknowing neighbors.  This arrangement is called Net Energy Metering “NEM” and every rooftop solar client has one defining the way solar is credited to the producer and clean rooftop energy is monetized and distributed locally.Read More »Net Metering Agreement 2.0