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Batteries On the Rise

Hot Purple Energy Now a Tesla Powerwall Installer

As TOU rates change, energy storage is becoming a more attractive investment when paired with a solar system. By adding an energy storage system (battery), one can power certain portions of their home indefinitely regardless of the availability of grid power. Much like solar, as battery technology continues to develop, we are becoming able to store larger amounts of energy in smaller amounts of space. With this said, more and more options are becoming available. Below are some of the preferred batteries that Hot Purple Energy currently offers.


~ 10-40 kWh of storage capability

~ DC coupled (for more efficient charge and discharge)

~ Works with SolarEdge inverters


~ 4-16 kWh of storage capability

~ AC coupled for easy integration with existing systems

~ Load shifting software and inverter included in unit


~ 10-200 kWh of storage capability

~ Can be AC or DC coupled, depending on needs

~ Capable of inverter stacking for larger amounts of continuous power

~ Nano printed Lithium Ion for larger amounts of power in less space


~ 30 – 60 kWh of storage capability

~ Large capacity storage

~ Entire home back-up capabilities.

Blue Ion

~ Good for off-grid projects

~ Large amounts of storage capabilities

~ Multiple inverter options

To learn more about batteries or to determine whether they are a good option for you, call us today (760) 322-4433 to speak to a representative.