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Nate-Otto-HPE-Oct 2015-National Monument Designations

At the request of the NPCA I, along with three others, were in Washington D.C. all of last week lobbying for a new “national monument”, Sand to Snow, Mohave Trails and Castle Mountain to be exact. Not something I saw myself doing; even when I heard about this I didn’t grasp it until I was there doing it…

This plan was 6 years in the making and is going through the process yet again.

This bill has the makings to be a landmark moment in this balance of life we are all going through together. It will not only connects Big Bear to Joshua Tree to Castle Mountain, it will connect off-roaders to hikers to historians to miners. Tree huggers and off roaders can be one in the same.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) will host a public meeting on October 13 on proposed national monument designations in the California desert. The meeting will take place at the Wildlands Conservancy’s Whitewater Preserve at 2 p.m. near Palm Springs and is open to the public.

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