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We invite you to join us for great beats and a relaxed evening in the park! SoundXperience will be featuring local band, MoZaiq in their first summer session and HPE is excited to be powering them throughout the evening!

MoZaiq is a local band in the Coachella Valley made up of five members, well-known for their “Desert Reggae” vibe. They have performed at a variety of local events including Tachevah Fest, and will be performing at Desert Oasis Music Festival this upcoming October!

Don’t forget to bring a snack, bring a blanket, and bring a friend!

*No Alcohol Permitted on City Park Premises.


We invite all Veterans to come out and join us at the Palm Springs Air Museum where the local chapter of the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals will be hosting a Housing Summit providing Home-buyer Education in several different topics including home loan programs and the local housing market. If interested in solar, we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns on how it works and what benefits come with it, just stop by our table! If not, stop by anyway and say hi!



Imagine, it’s a beautiful day in the desert and you decide the best way to celebrate the day’s glory is to plan a bike ride. You and your friends begin to map out a route (perhaps ending with a victory solar powered margarita stop) but then realize there is no safe route without busy traffic and enough bike space for your two-wheeled cruise.  You have to choose between taking the life or death risk of sharing the road with cars and trucks, or give up on the ride and take a car instead. This scenario happens time and time again, all over the Coachella Valley. Riders at risk or bike rides thwarted can and should be a thing of the past.  It’s time to approve the CVLink and turn our collective focus on how great of an addition it can be to the Coachella Valley Lifestyle.

The proposed CVLink would run 50 miles long going from Palm Springs into the lower Coachella Valley area. Around 54% of all public school students live within a mile of the CVLink. This new development would create 690 permanent jobs in the valley. An economic income report shows that the CVLink would bring in an expected 1.47 billion in economic benefits. In addition, the Coachella Valley Association of Governments has raised 76 million to help fund this project. The California Transportation Committee has awarded the project 5.5 million as well leaving an estimated total at about 81.5 million.

Hot Purple Energy, a longtime proponent CV-Link-Hot-Purple-Energyof healthy living, community bike rides, and yes -solar powered lives, gives our full support to this health and community-minded transportation corridor.

 A project of this scale takes thought and debate for sure. But let’s get past IF we’re going to do it and onto HOW we are going to take advantage of all the great opportunities the CVLink has, beyond being the needed transportation corridor. There are a lot of great debates to be had on how to utilize the community access point hub services and attractions, while paving the way forward for our residents and visitors alike, to have a safe and beautiful place to ride their bikes or cruise in a golf cart with friends.

If the Whitewater River was running with water it would be an outdoor recreation and transportation asset for the entire community and the CVLink stands to make it just that. In fact, if you set out to create an opportunity to link health, commerce, and sustainability together, you would be hard-pressed to create one with numerous advantages for so many along with so few cons for a relative few.  The CVLink connects our community and restores the river to the life-giving resource any good river ought to be.

We ask all of you to reflect on the CVLink and inform yourself. Weigh in. Voice your opinion at the next meeting which will be held at the Palm Desert City Council Chambers on Monday, May 15th from 6-9pm. HPE believes it is public spaces like these that help build strong, healthy, and happy communities across our valley, which is why we say RIDE ON to CVLINK!




The CV Music Awards is an event you don’t want to miss! Along with “honoring the best of the year”, there will also be live performances by several of the nominees including Se7en4, Bridger, and Hollace.

As a proud sponsor of the 2016 CV Music Awards, Hot Purple Energy hopes to see you there for a night of local entertainment.

For More Event Info: CV Weekly Music Nominees

The Evening Under the Stars event is without a doubt one of the best events held in the Coachella Valley each year.  But more, it’s an amazing opportunity to support the Aids Assistance Program on their annual fundraising mission to supply food to those in need and living with HIV/AIDS in the Coachella Valley.

Please join us in supporting AAP with a donation, attendance, or a donation of a raffle item !  Hope you can make it out to this special event.


Six years ago today we launched our Hot Purple Energy onto the Coachella Valley seen with our first event and first flyer.  The message DO SOMETHING FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY.

This message is as relevant today as it was then.  In fact, it seems the message is gaining in importance globally but also being lost in the fray of our conflicting agendas, party politics, and the old habits of business and economic growth void of an honest long term impact analyses.   We just seem to have a hard time accepting that natural resources are limited or what we do individually or locally is relevant to the state that our planet is or will be.

hot-purple-energy-desert-waterIts Earthday and our Anniversary so we want this email to be a celebration and not a long winded dissertation on the perils of our society …

Rather we ask on this day that you share in taking the time to appreciate the planet we have.  To appreciate it for its wonder and beauty and the life it gives us.  And on this day, let us think about what is the right thing to do to preserve and protect what we have.  To think, what is fair, what is just?  What is our role as individuals in this short time we have on this Earth?   And in that we would hope that we can all agree that the less we destroy of this planet the better.  The less we abuse, the less we use, the less we take away, the better.

The Ecosystem is all we have and we cannot out create it, or ship it in from someplace else. We can’t manufacture it or email it.   No we are grounded literally and figuratively to this planet and it’s nice that we have this day to take a moment and assess how we each chose to live here.

So we thank all of you who are making the efforts and promoting the next generation of commerce that is based on a responsible use of resources.    We will continue to be inspired by those focusing on solving the complex issues of our times. We will continue to be support the solutions that propel us into a better future with economies that support this planet and our survival for the short and long term.

We are recommitted on this day to DOING SOMETHING FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY and we hope you are too.

Hot Purple Energy is excited to be a sponsor for a 4th year, of the Annual Chalk Art Festival in Palm Springs! The event will be taking place bright and early in the Palm Springs High School parking lot underneath the solar raise, across the street from the local Certified Farmers Market. HPE will be solar-powering the event stage, Windmill City, and even our own charge spot! HPE has also created an original playlist featuring only “SUN” songs, which will be disclosed on Saturday morning!

Event Details: 

When: Saturday, March 12th, 2016, 7am-6pm
Where: Palm Springs High School Parking Lot, 2401 East Baristo Rd, Palm Springs, CA 92262
What: The Palm Springs SunUp Rotary Club invites you to be join us at the 6th Annual Chalk Art Festival where artists will be creating chalk art masterpieces on the sidewalks, live music, hands-on art activities for children and much more. Proceeds from the event go to Palm Springs SunUp Rotary Foundation and Arts in the Schools of the Palm Springs Unified School District.

hot-purple-energy-chalk-art-festival-2016-palm-springs*All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast begins at 8 AM. $10 per person

For more information, click here to visit the Palm Springs Sunup Rotary Club.