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Hot Purple Energy specializes in custom energy solutions and services for homes and businesses, retrofit and new construction. This includes roof top solar as well as ground mount and car ports. We also have an extensive fleet of mobile solar generators, providing clean quiet power for our numerous Coachella Valley events.

Our goal is to make your conversion to clean renewable energy easy, profitable, and enjoyable.

From the initial energy consultation to final utility interconnection, our staff will handle everything. We are full service and are here to answer any questions at any time. Being hands on and local, we are here to be your energy resource, so reach out and let the conversion to clean energy begin.


As an experienced general contractor we understand homes and business from the ground up and provide many solar system services. We also have extensive historical data and understanding on energy consumption. As part of every review we assess how much energy is being consumed versus how much energy should be consumed.

Many factors affect energy consumption and we take the time to understand your personal use. From that understanding we make sound and measurable recommendation is energy savings prior to recommending and designing any energy production.

We won’t over subscribe a solar solution when simple energy savings can be achieved.

Energy Saving Recommendations

To start we dig into your electric bills. The electric company can provide us with a month by month breakdown that allows us to start the diagnostics on your particular use.

We will inspect your home, the electric panel, the roof, the equipment, and we will discuss with you your habits, your comfort level, and your desires.

We then take all this information on board and lay out a plan to lower consumption as a starting point.

While we do not self-perform all trades we have an extensive list of local proven subcontractors and will interface on obtaining bids and the improvements as desired.

Sample Savings – Variable Speed Pool Pump Installation, Foam Roofing, Insulation, HVAC Upgrade, Thermostat Management, and more.

Custom System Design

Once we have determined what is the proper amount of energy consumption for you to affect your lifestyle and structures’ needs we can recommend an energy production solution.

The Aesthetic

  • We have a saying at HPE that Energy Does Not Offset Ugly. If we save you $3,000 per year in electricity but make your house an eyesore, have we really saved you $3,000 or cost you in property value?
  • We care about design and aesthetics and will take the time to review your homes view lines and design a system to compliment it, not conflict with it.
  • The limitations of available solar appropriate roof space will be a determining factor it what size solar system we can install as well as what products we recommend.

The Dollars

  • While solar is clearly a better way to power your home than fossil fuel from a natural resource, pollution, and efficiency standpoint it still needs to make financial sense.
  • We will review your solar from a financial and electric savings standpoint broken down to month by month savings as well as the projected guaranteed production savings for decades to come.
  • Solar is an investment in your energy future, and we work with you to review the options that best match the energy needs particular to your lifestyle and desires.

The Install

  • We use only the best equipment on the market period.
  • But simply using the “best”, doesn’t nearly explain the balance of system we employ to assure each system is truly designed and built to be the best for the specific location and last the required 25 plus years of warranted life.
  • Issues of shading, of roof types and angles, of available roof space, of budget, and more influence the type and brand of equipment we recommend.
  • We will review any system issues and the options available to solve them.

Energy Monitoring

Every Hot Purple Energy system includes real time Energy Monitoring (EMS).

We find that being able to view your systems production as well as your consumption as it happens is a powerful way to track the energy in your life.

Click to see  real time Energy Monitoring (EMS)

Solar Monitor Software

We will be monitoring your system weekly as an added measure to assure all is operating properly.

Each monitor, as well as the inverter, stores the production numbers so there is an on site record as well.


We offer an entire range of finance solutions for our residential clients including straight finance, lease, pre-paid lease, as well as Property Assessed Clean Energy Loans (where applicable).

We will review the cost and savings benefits of each option as your financial goals dictate.

Full Service

From the initial energy consultation and property review forward, we take care of everything. Design, permitting, installation, utility interconnection and rebates are all handled by HPE staff which we provide all services needed for solar systems.

Hot Purple Energy will also service existing solar installations for both residential and commercial. Our knowledge in the many variations of panel arrays, installation designs, and solar system components makes us a first rate choice to perform regular maintenance, repairs, and additions to existing solar installations.

Our goal is to make this an easy and enjoyable process and we go out of our way to ensure we do.

Please reach out to us or join us at one of our many events to see in person who we are and how we operate. We are not trying to be the biggest “solar” company, just the best at providing services for solar energy systems.


Hot Purple Energy is a leader in point of use energy production for commercial applications.

Our expertise in design and construction allows us to create solar opportunities where others fail, in many cases eliminating the limitations of aesthetics and space that affect commercial roof top and car port installs.

As a certified commercial installer for SunPower Corporation we have the most efficient panels on the market that allow our rooftop systems to produce the maximum amount of energy per SF.

We also have a full line of commercial and not for profit finance options available that eliminate the need for up front capital. And in the case of the not for profits allow them to take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit that otherwise would be lost.

Please contact Nate Otto or David Herrlinger at HPE to review your commercial project.

We can help at every stage, design, new construction, remodel, retrofit, or carport additions.

Mobile Solar and Off Grid

Off grid is becoming more and more viable and Hot Purple Energy has proven over the past few years that our mobile off grid solutions are reliable, effective, and quiet.

If you have a location or event that requires power, please contact us as we have scalable off grid solutions available.
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