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Six years ago today we launched our Hot Purple Energy onto the Coachella Valley seen with our first event and first flyer.  The message DO SOMETHING FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY.

This message is as relevant today as it was then.  In fact, it seems the message is gaining in importance globally but also being lost in the fray of our conflicting agendas, party politics, and the old habits of business and economic growth void of an honest long term impact analyses.   We just seem to have a hard time accepting that natural resources are limited or what we do individually or locally is relevant to the state that our planet is or will be.

hot-purple-energy-desert-waterIts Earthday and our Anniversary so we want this email to be a celebration and not a long winded dissertation on the perils of our society …

Rather we ask on this day that you share in taking the time to appreciate the planet we have.  To appreciate it for its wonder and beauty and the life it gives us.  And on this day, let us think about what is the right thing to do to preserve and protect what we have.  To think, what is fair, what is just?  What is our role as individuals in this short time we have on this Earth?   And in that we would hope that we can all agree that the less we destroy of this planet the better.  The less we abuse, the less we use, the less we take away, the better.

The Ecosystem is all we have and we cannot out create it, or ship it in from someplace else. We can’t manufacture it or email it.   No we are grounded literally and figuratively to this planet and it’s nice that we have this day to take a moment and assess how we each chose to live here.

So we thank all of you who are making the efforts and promoting the next generation of commerce that is based on a responsible use of resources.    We will continue to be inspired by those focusing on solving the complex issues of our times. We will continue to be support the solutions that propel us into a better future with economies that support this planet and our survival for the short and long term.

We are recommitted on this day to DOING SOMETHING FOR THE EARTH EVERY DAY and we hope you are too.

Solar Sun Power

Freedom Has Its Cost – Exemplified.

While we are proud of our “authorized” residential and commercial affiliations with SunPower, makers of the world’s most efficient solar panel, we do have to clarify this rather misleading star rating on their website.

Read more

Organic Foods

Organic Foods

Dear Friends,

As you know by now at Hot Purple Energy we not only promote the benefits of clean energy but also the benefits of conservation.  When we find something wasting energy in a client’s home we recommended treating the problem not just prescribing a larger solar cure.   This is an energy consumption solution, but also a life style choice…

Recently, I read that according The Centers for Disease Control, three quarters of US health care spending goes to treat chronic diseases, most of which are preventable and linked to diet: heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and at least a third of all cancers.   This is a staggering statistic and one that has many possible reasons, but a seemingly simple solution. We need to eat better food. Read more

Used Car Salesman

Used Car Salesman 


As many of you have written us to tell us how much you appreciate our candor when it comes to solar leases in our Caution, Think Before you Lease Solar article we thought we should start by saying thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts.  But despite our warnings, the solar leases are very popular.  In fact, the lease has become the most popular way for home owners to “get” solar. So popular even, that we at HPE have jumped on the lease band wagon and are happy to say, “GO SOLAR WITH ZERO DOWN!” Read more

Originally Posted November 2011


Dear Friends:

A couple of weeks ago my co-workers at HPE convinced me to go to what I believed would be the snooze fest of the year: A summit sponsored by the Palm Springs Sustainability Office headlined by a guy who has written books about global warming for the last 20+ years. I was sure it would be gloom and doom and nothing new for me on the global warming front.

Well, I was right about one thing, it wasn’t the most uplifting event I have gone to. But I was sure wrong about Global Warming, and so it seems was most everyone else. Read more

Pick Your Poison

Originally published spring 2011

Pick Your Poison!  Or just let it be picked for you!Pick Your Poison

We wanted to write this month about the pitfalls of the solar lease (we know, it sounds exciting), but with all the perils in the world at the moment, we just couldn’t)

The earthquake and tsunami destruction in Japan is almost too overwhelming to comprehend.  The sheer magnitude of the loss is staggering, depressing, and beyond words. We feel terribly for those who where lost and for those left behind with a world shattered beyond recognition. We’d like to reach out to survivors and say the worst is behind them and give them comfort in knowing as they grieve, that we are here to help them rebuild their lives. Sadly, that is not the case.  The world continues to watch in horror as the damaged nuclear power plant that hampered rescue efforts, grows worse by the day, causing thousands to be relocated, and quietly releases radiation into the air and water.  Rebuilding lives within miles of the Fukushima plant is now generations away. Read more

Snake Oil Promotions

Requested by and then not published by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) in Nov 2010

Is Residential Solar Sustainable   by Nate OttoSnake Oil Promotions

As a construction professional for more than two decades I’ve witnessed my share of poor construction and business practices.  Maybe I was being naive, but one of my hopes when moving my business focus to renewable energy was that the industry itself was a step above General Contracting “business as usual”.  Having spent the years prior adopting sustainable building practices and materials in my construction projects, I had started to see a like mindedness among the “green” contractors and architects that encouraged sharing of knowledge and working collectively.  Working together we could improve the projects for all involved as well as the generations to come.

Building with a sustainable purpose was looking as if it inspired sustainable practices. Read more

USA Education

Originally Posted October 2010

Hi friends,USA Education

Sorry this month’s the letter is so late. I was originally planning on hitting you with the hard sell and direct you to our new web site, blog and Facebook and tell you why now is the time to get off the pot and get serious about renewable energy and HPE. (Which it is)

But the month was a busy one. And who knew social media would require so much great socializing? The precious time to spend perfecting my hard sell was spent out and about attending some great sustainability and solar events and blogging, facing, and tweeting about them. Ha. So in a way you are lucky for missing that hard selling Nate. But in another way, not at all, because I just witnessed the scariest movie ever and sharing this nightmare has taken precedence. Read more

Solar Energy

“It’s an almost unimaginable amount of energy. If the sun’s power output for a single second could be harnessed, it would satisfy the World’s energy demands for the next million years!”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:   The Sun (2009), broadcast on the Science Channel

The Power of the Sun:Solar Energy

We at Hot Purple Energy love to talk about the sun. Usually the conversations involve chatting up kilowatt production, cost savings, and environmental advantages. But there is the other side of the sun’s power that we also feel the need to discuss. Not to rain on our own solar parade, but rather to be truthful about the Power of this incredible energy source. The sun provides, but we must too be careful of just how much we can handle.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation:

  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime.
  • Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.
  • Melanoma accounts for about three percent of skin cancer cases, but it causes more than 75 percent of skin cancer deaths.
  • More than 20 Americans die each day from skin cancer, primarily melanoma. One person dies of melanoma almost every hour (every 62 minutes).
  • The survival rate for patients whose melanoma is detected early, before the tumor has penetrated the epidermis, is about 99 percent. The survival rate falls to 15 percent for those with advanced disease. Read more

Originally Posted: July 2010

Dear Friends,

I’ve always loved the 4th of July. A summer party with patriotism and fireworks, how can you go wrong?! Maybe it’s just me and the conversations I am having with people about Hot Purple Energy, but I am feeling more excited for America than I have for a while.

I feel a tremendous amount of pride and optimism for being part of the alternative energy movement going on in the USA today. As a nation we are getting it: Pushing for energy independence, while doing the right thing for the environment.

Not to get all philosophical, but the solar revolution really is changing things. The power companies are being forced to upgrade the power grid and adjust rates and distribution to make way for Individuals producing not only their own power but power to the grid! Read more

Original: 2010 Posts : We Use Veg E Oil

Dear Palm Springs Residents and Visitors: 

If you are looking for great local restaurants that are doing something for the environment, please consider:

We love their food, but also the fact that they are helping us recycle their used vegetable oil!

Vegetable Oil Powers Cars

If you haven’t met Thrasher or JR yet, they are the Rally Race inspired ’85 and ’87 Mercedes 300 Turbo Diesels that we have converted to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO) to run around town. You may have noticed the Environmental Race Series logos, the big Hot Purple Energy E’s, or the faint smell of French fries as we drive by.  (Yes we know it CAN make you hungry!) Read more

Welcome To HPE

For many of us, the concept of producing our own electricity is as foreign as producing our own gasoline or growing our own food -an excellent idea in theory, but daunting in execution. But unlike fossil fuel, and even food, producing your own electricity from the sun is easy. There are no moving parts, or rows to hoe. All you need to do is enjoy the abundant Coachella Valley sunshine and let it run your home or business.

We are experts in not just solar installation but also in helping you understand your energy consumption and needs. If done properly, solar should save you a great deal of money for years to come while reducing your reliance on the electric grid and fossil fuels. Read more